Class 8. AB takes part in the Alšova Chat Show

10. 11. 2023
Mgr. Robin Pospěch

Pupils from class 8. A and 8. B took part in the first-ever Alšova Chat Show dubbed “ Get To Know Your Classmates”. The interactive-oriented event which took place on 8th and 10th November 2023 was prepared by the pupils themselves. Class 8. A was represented by Harabiš Matyáš as the host, while Huk Ondřej, Pongrác Dominik, and Kupšo Roman were guests on the show. On the other hand, Richter Michal from class 8. B was the host of the second episode of the show while Zátopek Jiří, Jalůvka Jakub, and Němec Radek were special guests.

The rationale behind this event was to enable the pupils to get to know their classmates better while at the same time enhancing their listening and presentation skills. Besides, the event was meant to enable the pupils to experience the practical aspect of what they are currently studying in their English lessons as both classes are learning about different TV programmes of which a Chat Show is one among many.

Mr. Elias Tembo

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