Alšova students take part in Erasmus Days

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From 13th to 14th October, students from Alšova primary school took part in Erasmus Days 2022. The Erasmus Days celebration aimed to make visible the projects implemented by Erasmus + programme and inform about its benefits.

Teachers for the English, German, and ICT subjects prepared different activities for their respective pupils from Year 6 to Year 9. For the English subject, pupils drew posters about diversity - SAME, BUT DIFFERENT. The posters aimed to highlight the concept of diversity and make students aware that each person is unique in his or her way. Presentations and voting for the best posters followed.

Regarding the German subject, pupils experienced the SHEEP and the SHEPHERD activity in which some blindfolded pupils had to be given directions to a pen/ ohrada by spoken commands. It was meant to improve students' problem-solving skills, enhance communication skills, and above all team work. The other activity was a pairwork where one pupil had to describe the route to another, take some photos, write down the information in their exercise books and then navigate each other. At the finish line, the students compared their photos.

For the ICT subject, they connected this year's Erasmus Days with Code week, which is a European programming week whose goal is to bring programming and digital literacy to children in a fun and playful way. Sixth graders competed in coding and encryption. They also created various graphic images in Pixel Art. As a reward, they tried block programming in Robomisi. On the other hand, older pupils tested their abilities in the Egypt programming test, the tasks of which were motivated by ancient Egyptian inscriptions and buildings. In eighth grade ICT classes, they got into iRobot. With the robot, the pupils tried basic algorithms with the help of drawings. For the pupils, this experience was certainly an interesting variation of teaching.

Read more about Erasmus Days activities from the first grade in the article to be published soon.

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Mr. Elias Tembo, English teacher

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