Emil Zatopek´s 2022 half-marathon run attracts two Alšova teachers

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This year's 2022 Emil Zátopek´s half-marathon run attracted the participation of two Alšova teachers. The run which takes place every year in the month of September is in commemoration of the four-time Czech olympic champion and eighteen-time world record holder in the name of Emil Zátopek.

The 22.3 km run which passed through Štramberk, Ženklava and Veřovice saw the participation of 285 participants from all walks of life of which 223 were men and 62 women. The start of the run was in the hometown of Emil Zatopek, Kopřivnice,  near the new monument dedicated to him. Wallachian Open Air Museum in Rožnov Pod Radhoštěm which also happens to be his final resting place was the finishing line for the run.

Mr. Elias Tembo

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