“Spooky” stories from class 9.A (Aj2) students

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'If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.' - Toni Morrison

Do you fancy reading “spooky” stories? Like every school year, class nine students have a chance to explore their writing skills by way of brainstorming, planning and writing short “spooky” stories influenced by one sound story from unit 4 of their English class books titled” THE VISITOR”. This year wasn´t exceptional. After a thorough discussion of the topic, I tasked my class 9.A students to write short stories with “ It was a cold, dark night and there was a strong wind blowing…” as their opening line.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the stories from our outgoing 9.A (Aj2) students.

Mr. Tembo

The psycho killer

by Tereza Monsportová, Vanesa Juříčková and Nela Jelinková_9.A

 It was a cold dark night and there was a strong wind blowing. Like every night, until I go to sleep, I was watching The news of Evermoore. Evermoore is a small town near Boston, it can look safe and even beautiful at the first sight, but almost every beautiful thing has dark sides. For example our forest, from the outside, looks like a normal forest for visitors, but for locals a very dangerous place, where no one has the courage to go around it at night. You might consider why…… In the middle of the forest is a psychiatric hospital with patients that have done horrible things due to their mental illness.

 Especially todays night felt very strange. While watching the news there was something that surprised me…… in a bad way. I found out that one of the patients from our psychiatric hospital escaped. At that moment I felt goosebumps on my body. This accident didn't happen since 1978, so I didn't want to believe it. The patient's name is Andrew Chase, but he prefers the nickname Red Rope. I didn't know who he was, so I decided to search something about him on the internet. I found some information about how he looks like. He has a tall and muscular figure, light skin, blue eyes, short red hair and freckles on his face.

 He suffered from various psychopathological disorders like perception disorder, thinking disorder, emotional disorder, conduct disorder and others. During that search, I also found information that aroused much more fear in me than before. Andrew Chase is the son of Michael Chase, the first man that escaped from our psychiatric hospital in 1978. Michael wasn't only a patient with a mental illness, he was a serial killer that really likes to manipulate and blackmail his victim first, until he got them to the bottom and they begged for their deaths. He used to call himself Black Rope and that's why Andrew has such a nickname, after his father. In September Michael was found and detained in one of the largest prisons in Boston, where he hanged himself. Andrew went crazy after his father´s death. There was also a headline about what the last Andrew said before his transportation ,,This is just a beginning!”

 I closed my laptop as if it was a reflex, that indicated that searching on the internet was enough. I decided to go to bed now, my best friend has a party tomorrow, so I have to be ready for it. I am not a party person, but I promised to her. But I was also scared of the Red Rope…..he is free and what his plan is, is kind of a mystery. 

Next day:
 I couldn't sleep last night. I was still thinking about that good looking psycho…wait….what am I thinking about, nevermind. Today is the day that I have to go to the party, smile, be nice to everyone and act like I'm enjoying it there. Oh, I almost forgot. I can't let myself be killed either, good plan for today. The rest of the day was surprisingly normal for me, even though I still have yesterday's incident in my head. After my afternoon break I was getting ready for the party. I dressed in light blue skinny jeans, white top with lace and put on it grey cardigan, cause outside was cold again.

The double personality

by Klára Kindrová, Beáta Markova and Nikol Harabišová_9.A

25.6 1996
It was a cold dark night and there was a strong wind blowing. Like every day. Maybe it's weird to write a diary at my age, but I feel like nobody would listen to me anyway. I need to express my feelings and things that happen to me every day without having to talk to someone alive, which causes me a lot of problems. To introduce myself - my name is Cain Alden and I'm 19 years old. I live in this town, Warligton, with my mother.  I don't know why my parents chose the name Cain, but from what I've read on the internet, it means “possesed”. I can't do anything but thank my parents for this name, because I'm sure it has something to do with the things that happen to me. I've been to the doctor a few times, I've told him I don't feel good for most of the days, I'm dizzy and sometimes I hear things that no one else can hear. He prescribed me some medicine and said I will feel better one day and that I should go see a psychologist, but I know they can't be trusted.

 I took some prescribed medicine from the doctor but voices and things which were happening  to me didn't stop. Time to time, I see someone who does terrible things.  Once he stole a wallet or deliberately dropped someone who fell really badly. The weird part is, that it’s always the same person. I thought he was just some weird old man, trying to make the days of people in our town uncomfortable, so I never called the police or tried to stop him. I know I wouldn't be able to stop him anyway, because I don't like any contact with people. The next thing that kept me from stopping this man, was the fact that whenever something like this happened, I couldn't move at all, or it was just very difficult. I wanted to tell someone, but people don't believe me. When I write something in my diary, I feel that I´m not a fool. 

 Once in the night, when I was preparing to go to bed, I saw something strange in the window. My mother slept and I decided to find out what “something or somebody“ was doing outside at this time of night. Since my mother always locks the front door for the night and one of the keys is with her in her bedroom, I didn't want to wake her, so I needed to find a replacement key in one of my drawers. It was dark, so it was quite difficult to find a spare key, but when I opened one of the drawers, I felt something made of leather. I thought it was just my wallet, so I didn't deal with it much. I felt the key, took it and ran downstairs. When I was downstairs in the hallway, I noticed that there was another wallet on the shelf. It was weird, but now I was in charge of something completely different, something weirder.

 I wore my jacket and put on my rubber shoes because in the afternoon it rained, so it was wet. Finally, I closed the door and heard some weird and loud sounds. I feared it. I turned and saw the shadow of someone holding a knife from which blood flowed. My head suddenly started to spin. The person began to fade and I wanted to catch up with him, but I couldn't. I felt something cold and uncomfortable, as if beetles were crawling after me. My headache became louder and the sounds were louder. Someone grabbed me by the throat and wanted to suffocate. I tried to unshackle myself, but vainly. It was slowly getting dark before my eyes and I fainted.

 When I woke up, my hands were full of blood and there was a person lying next to me, but it was still dark, so I couldn't see well. I went to put on the outdoor lights, even though I was very scared. When I looked at the person I almost faint. It was my mother. I didn't know what to do, I cried a lot. But I knew I had to do something, call police or ambulance, I wanted the murder who killed my mother to be caught. When I called the police, they started investigating, but when they asked me any question I was unable to answer. I ended up with a psychologist. I told him everything. A few days later, the police cleared my personal diary. It turns out that the murderer who killed my mother I saw does not exist. It's me. It's a double personality. I ended up in psychiatry, I didn't see my old diary anymore, now I'm writing a new diary. I still see the man as vividly as then.

The wooden shack

 by Lucie Boháčiková, Adéla Jurková and Hannah Ondryášová_9.A

 It was a warm summer night, when four friends decided to go camping without knowing what was going to happen to them later that night. When it got dark and the campfire was the only source of light nearby, they decided to share the most scary stories they have ever heard. After a while of talking, someone heard a noise. A noise that came out from the woods.

 First they thought one of them was joking, but the noises became louder and closer and they also saw this weird shadow. One of them, the brave one, decided to look for a source of those noises, but after a while the others heard the most teriffic scream in their life. They waited for a couple of seconds, standing close to each other in shock. When they realized he wouldn't come back, they went to look for him. They didn't find their friend, but his dead body. Again, standing in shock and crying, they started to notice other noises, now closer and closer.

 Someone was behind them, a man, from whom the blood was tripping on the ground, with an axe in his hands and a look that desired to kill. Still in shock, they started to run as fast as they could, so that the man couldn't catch them. Soon they ran into an old wooden shack. They hid in it, thinking they would be safe. They were scared to death when they saw what was inside. The shack was full of dead bodies and they knew it was his shack. They immediately started to panic, but they didn't have much time, knowing the killer was getting closer and closer. Leaving the shack, was their only option, but the killer was two steps ahead of them, waiting for them to come out.

 As one of them saw there wasn't a chance all three of them could make it out alive, he sacrificed himself, by trying to stop him. Before he jumped on the killer he told his friends to run as fast and far as they could and then that he loved them. The last two friends were crying and hoping to make it out alive. With that in mind, they ran onto a highway trying to stop passing cars. Luckily a police car stopped for them. They explained to them their situation and the police were on the case.

 The last two friends were being questioned at the police station. A whole squad of police officers went to the crime scene. After a while, the police officers found that old, creepy, wooden shack. They pulled out their weapons and went inside quietly and carefully. They found several dead bodies, just as the two friends said. They were in shock, but they knew that they have to find that psychopathic killer. They were looking for him all over the shack, but nothing. That killer was never found.

The silent place

by Denis Křístek, René Kopec and Martin Jašek_9.A

 It was a cold,dark night and there was a strong wind blowing. I was in a car on my way through a forest. My car broke down in the middle of the forest. I went for help and after about four kilometers, I found some cabin. I went closer to the cabin  and saw no one in it. I knocked on a door just to make sure that no one was in there. I tried to open the door, but when I pulled it, nothing happend. So I decided to break the window. I carefully climbed through the broken window but I accidently cut my leg. I saw nothing in there, so I looked up for a flashlight.

 After some time I found it. I turned on the flashlight and I saw a couple of weapons, from cutting weapons to firearms. I heard footsteps. Someone was coming. He began to unlock the door.When he opened the door, he looked like a hunter. His face was scorched and hands were cut. He had a rifle on his shoulder and a knife with blood on  his arm. I got scared, so I picked up the axe which was on the next table. He shouted something and then ran after me. I threw an axe at him, but I didn’t hit him.

 Suddenly he jumped on me and a fight  broke out. He cut me two times on hand. In my head I thought I couldn’t win when I saw a shard under the broken window. I caught it and I slit his throat. He died. I got up and I returned to my car. I got in the car and tried to start the engine. In some mysterious way, it worked out and I drove to safety. Just then, I woke up only to realise that it was just nightmare.

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